Harrow teeth for flat harrows

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подходит к боронам: McFarlane, Great Plains, БШН, Лари и другим.

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Harrow teeth for flat harrows

Manufacturer "KMP Technology" has created a new tooth production technology for harrows, which allows to achieve higher hardness and strength of the teeth at a lower cost. 

The production of harrow teeth by this technology has proved its effectiveness not only in laboratory, but also in real conditions of the equipment in the field. 
We have been producing teeth for harrows for more than 3 years and during this time we have received hundreds of positive product ratings from our customers and partners.

Производственное предприятие «КМР Технология» производит по новой технологии Зубья для шлейфовых борон в т.ч. и для McFARLANE, которые являются аналогом оригинального зуба McFARLANEE-620 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ ShankSpikeTooth и McFARLANEE-611 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ ShankSpikeTooth, а также шайбы-фиксаторы (аналогом шайбы Е-630 Spike Tooth Washer). 

According to the test results (laboratory and in the "field") showed themselves better than the original teeth. The tooth itself is made of high-strength steel 45 and has a metric screw thread M12 on the shank, which increases the wear resistance of the working body (wear on average 3-5 mm / 1000 ha). 

Multi-stage heat treatment of the tooth provides good product performance, combining high hardness with optimal elasticity and toughness, which guarantees its reliability and durability. 

The tooth is mounted on the stub harrow together with the locking washer without play. 

Advantages of a tooth for a harrow
from the "KMP Technology" manufacturer


Superior to the original due to new production technology. Multi-stage heat treatment of the tooth provides high hardness, optimal elasticity and viscosity of the material.

The quality of steel

We use structural spring steel in the production. Such steel has a better chemical composition and an much better mechanical properties compared to steel, which is used in the production of the original parts by foreign companies.


The tooth is installed without play and fully meets the technical specifications of the original McFARLANE harrows.

Reliability and durability

Due to the use of high-quality materials and proper processing. With our products, there is no need for frequent tooth changes.

Best price

The optimal ratio of product quality and price. You get the product with the best features at the best price.


Carving on the M12 tooth head allows the use of metric threaded nuts. Such nuts are much cheaper than the original with an inch thread.

Tooth + washer

Our analog is installed on the harrow along with the washer-retainer. The tooth works perfectly with both the original washer and with our washer.

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Quality guaranteed by the manufacturer.

We use proven certified materials.


The optimal ratio of product quality and price. You get the product with the best features at the best price.


Production and finished goods warehouse in Chernihiv.

We work with orders of any volume.

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